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Monday, September 3


Chair: Massimiliano di Penta and Michele Lanza

  • Requiem for software evolution research: a few steps toward the creative age
    Giuliano Antoniol

Mining History (full)

Chair: Tudor Gîrba

  • How Documentation Evolves Over Time
    Daniel Schreck, Valentin Dallmeier, Thomas Zimmermann
  • Improving Defect Prediction Using Temporal Features and Non Linear Models
    Jayalath Ekanayake, Abraham Bernstein, Martin Pinzger
  • Learning from Bug-introducing Changes to prevent Fault Prone Code
    Lerina Aversano, Luigi Cerulo, Concettina Del Grosso

Tool Demos

Chair: Alexandru Telea

  • A Small Observatory for Super-Repositories
    Mircea Lungu, Tudor Girba
  • Improving Context Awareness in Subversion through Fine-Grained Versioning of Java Code
    Andrea De Lucia, Fausto Fasano, Rocco Oliveto, Domenico Santonicola
  • A Tool to Visualize Behavior and Design Evolution
    Lian Wen, Diana Kirk, Geoff Dromey

Metrics and Models (short)

Chair: Radu Marinescu

  • Visual Identification of Software Evolution Patterns
    Andrejs Jermakovics, Marco Scotto, Giancarlo Succi
  • Assessing the impact of bad smells using historical information
    Angela Lozano, Michel Wermelinger, Bashar Nuseibeh
  • BugzillaMetrics - An adaptable tool approach for evaluating metric specifications on change requests
    Lars Grammel, Holger Schackmann, Horst Lichter
  • Aggregating Changes to Efficiently Check Consistency
    Mahadevan Subramaniam, Parvathi Chundi, Harvey Siy

Tuesday, September 4

Requirements and Architectures (full)

Chair: Michel Wermelinger

  • Modification Analysis Support at the Requirements Level
    Maryam Shiri, Jameleddine Hassine, Juergen Rilling
  • Talking Tests: an Empirical Assessment of the Role of Fit Acceptance Tests in Clarifying Requirements
    Filippo Ricca, Marco Torchiano, Mariano Ceccato, Paolo Tonella
  • Assessing Influence on Processes when Evolving the Software Architecture
    Stig Larsson, Anders Wall, Peter Wallin

Processes (short)

Chair: Abraham Bernstein

  • An Evolutionary Model of Requirements Correctness with Early Aspects
    Joao Araujo, Didar Zowghi, Ana Moreira
  • Assessment of Software System Evolvability
    Bente Anda
  • A Deviation-tolerant Approach to Software Process Evolution
    Kabbaj Mohammed, Lbath Redouane, Coulette Bernard
  • Adapting the "Staged Model for Software Evolution" to Free/Libre/Open Source Software
    Andrea Capiluppi, Jesús M. González-Barahona, Israel Herraiz, Gregorio Robles

Software Analysis (full)

Chair: Prem Devanbu

  • Using Concept Analysis to Detect Co-Change Patterns
    Tudor Girba, Stephane Ducasse, Adrian Kuhn, Radu Marinescu, Daniel Ratiu
  • Structural Analysis and Visualization of C++ Code Evolution using Syntax Trees
    Fanny Chevalier, David Auber, Alexandru Telea
  • Efficient Recovery of Algebraic Specifications for Stateful Components
    Carlo Ghezzi, Andrea Mocci, Mattia Monga